Dineta Williams-Trigg

Being a storyteller by nature, Dineta Williams-Trigg has found that the medium of filmmaking works best for her. She has written, produced, directed and acted in numerous independent films since 1999. In order to continue her storytelling passions she founded A Night of Misfit Films Festival in 2016, in Phoenix Arizona. 

She sensed a need to concentrate on the independent film community because not everyone has a $100,000 budget to make a film, but with ingenuity and an idea, creatives continue to create. Every November filmmakers come from all over the globe to help her celebrate and showcase films created by marginalized women and men who share their stories through filmmaking as well. 

As a Festival Director, inclusivity is always the word of the day, and Dineta is proud to have the ability to assist other storytellers with a platform to share what’s in their hearts and minds. 

In 2017 she started Co directing the Lebanese Independent Film Festival in Beirut, Lebanon with her French Lebanese partner Gauthier RAAD, and in 2022 Co Directed the Fantasy Film Festival in Paris, France. Her goal is to continue to facilitate film festivals on all seven continents. 

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