About Empowered:

Each month Empowered features articles from women all over the world that are passionate and enthusiastic about their walk with God. The articles cover topics that are relevant to today's Christian women. We often talk about faith, worship, prayer, fashion, fitness, and so much more. The publication is unique as it encourages its readers to get involved in making a difference in the lives of others through discipleship and article submission. Readers are encouraged to learn from one another and become actively involved in sharing the good news of Jesus with their community.

The Christian women's magazine was initially launched in 2006 as a printed publication. Due to lack of funding and a rocky start the printed version was short lived to say the least. With the help of passionate volunteers, Empowered was relaunched in 2008 as an eMagazine. Now, with minimal overhead the publication is able to reach thousands more all over the world with the good news of God's love. The mission of the magazine is to equip and empower women serve and honor God with their lives. Founder, Anna Quesada, calls Empowered her most successfull failure yet! She's also said, "I take pride in sharing Empowered with others because I know that it exists only by God's grace and by no work of my own. My flesh wanted to run and hide after I failed the first time around, but now I'm able to share about how God restores our dreams in His time."

Who Is The Empowered Woman?

The Empowered woman is not satisfied with an ordinary life. She continually challenges herself and all she comes in contact with to take day to day living to the next level. She seeks a deeper relationship with her maker and with the family and friends that she holds dear to her heart. She is strong, confident, and savvy. She makes important decisions based on solid facts, yet still allows her heart to guide her. She continually strives towards a balanced life full of meaning and service to others. She does not allow fear, the opinion of others, or past failures to get in the way of achieving her God given destiny. She lives for an audience of one. She is EMPOWERED through grace daily.

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